First Steps Rifle

Foreign students are welcome with passport


When you call our facility, please have exact dates ready so we can adapt ourselves to fit your needs, this avoids too many calls, back n forth, and also the class being filled by the time you call us back.  

3.5 Hour course  Only $149.00

Course beginning times :

Mon-Fri 8am, 2pm, 6pm

Sat 8am, 1pm

Sun 8am

AR-15 Rifle

First Steps Rifle is 3.5 hours in length.  What type of Rifles do you have the choice of firing?  Either Ruger  AR-15 Rifle, or Ruger Mini -14.  Both are equipped with a scope, or E-O Tech  sights.

Students pay their own range, and ammo fees.

Caliber is either 223, or the more expensive 5.56 NATO rounds.

Three safe gun handling rules

  • #1 Always Keep the Gun pointed in the Safest Possible Direction
  • #2 Always Keep the Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot
  • #3 Always keep the Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use
  • #4 Course starting times
  • Mon-Fri 8am, 2pm, 6pmSat 8am, 1pmSun 8am

What fundamental Skills will I learn during this course?

Position, Grip, Sight Alignment, Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze, Follow Through.  Class time varies upon the size of the group, and how fast you learn the skills, average 1.5 hours, then off to the range for an hour of live fire.  This course is a great one for those who are either not sure of full commitment or do not have enough time.  Once again this is not a full certification course.  If you want a more in – depth course than enroll for the full Basic Rifle course which is 5-7 hours.  These course are run Mon-Friday either 9am or 6:00pm. Saturday 8:00am. Sunday 8am if space is available.  For more information call 650-315-3665 or email us at

Students pay for their own range fee, and ammo that they use.

 Mon-Fri 8am, 2pm, 6pm

Sat 8am, 1pm

Sun 8am