Would you rather have your child find a gun with their friend, or would you rather pay and have them come to have a professional lesson

This has become a real big question we continue to ask parents when they come come for lessons. Our firm answer is yes everyone should have the opportunity to become safe with a firearm. THE LESSON MUST HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR (DIRECTLY) PRESENT THE WHOLE TIME.

Firearms training is a great thing for kids learn, and a good skill to poses. So parents time to do the right thing, and send them here with you!

Trump President

Look he won it fair n square, we are all fed up with the gutter level things that have happened in this country for a long time. Grow up, get your asses back to work, shut up, and get ready to see amazing stuff happen, yes many people’s feathers will be shaken. Don’t burn down your neighborhoods and prove to everyone how violent, and stupid you are. Grow up and restudy history as you need to. Love one another, as you love yourself, and see miracles happen in your lives. You will not change anything with your stupididy!

Things happen for a reason, because we need change,not what high tec has dumied you down with !

Corrupt Obama all the way down to law enforcement corruption

More hatred origin : The White House and descending all the way down to our law enforcement. More innocent police officers murdered in cold blood. The United States is peddling down hill. If we continue to be politically correct, and break the laws without consequences, this is only the beginning. Vote trump. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and a murderer. Please force your congressman to stop the corruption.

France and all of europe are nothing but a bunch of pussies. They have come admit we are at war, the peaceful religion has struck again

We are urging everyone to get trained in the safe use of firearms, and buy a Pistol, AR-15, Shotgun asap. Apply for a concealed firearm permit because it’s coming here. Call your congressman and demand that all Islamic people are stopped from coming here. You can see what it has done to Europe. 5 syrian refuges gang raped a 5 year old girl in Idaho, and were not even arrested, for fear of offending the Islamic community. We all have to put huge pressure on our government to act. Deportation immediately. Choose who you will serve today. As for me and my family we are going to serve the Lord. Now man up and buy guns, and apply for a concealed firearm permit.

Hillary Clinton is above the law, what law?

It’s a very, very sad day today.

Hillary Clinton is not going to be indicted for the horrific crimes she has committed. Those proves beyond a reasonable doubt just how corrupt our government is.

The only hope we have left is Donald Trump as president. Why should we obey the law? She doesn’t. America is on the brink of collapse. We need to be a nation of prayer, and action.

5 muslims gang rape a 5 year old girl in Idaho they were not even arrested.

The Real Truth

Why are we tolerating all this crazy Islamic crap? The gay community your government has failed you totally. You are not safe, and anyone who is an American is no longer safe anywhere because of our leadership. Hillary Clinton claims to be pro woman, is that why Saudi Arabia is financing over 25% of her campaign, that is anti-woman, and chops peoples heads off, and goes by sharia law? It is a crime to have any outside country influence anyone’s political campaign. We need to get rid of the cancer, starting at the top of our leadership Obama is a Muslim, and Hillary Clinton is a murderer, and was caught performing oral sex at the White House by the Secret Service. Public record. She is an unfaithful wife, how much easier would she betray any of us. We need to get wise, tough, and purge out the horrible training by the un-Holy. The parents of the last generation have failed miserably. The Police have told us to have everyone here holstered up loaded guns. Political correctness cannot exist together. Let’s face it this is light against darkness. We strongly encourage you to vote for Trump. We cannot allow the big pharma to continue to give out anti depressants to our children that causes them to commit mass homicide, and suicide. We must stop all immigration of anyone from any country even suspected of terrorist activities. We will not have an America soon if we don’t take matters into our own hands. The corruption in all of our government ids totally out of control, as well as law enforcement. We must protect ourselves, and families. We must fight fire with fire. Please spread the word.



You need to buy at least 3 firearms to protect yourself, family, friends. Glock Pistol, AR-15 RIFLE, SHOTGUN. THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT HELP YOU, THE POLICE TOOK 3HRS AFTER BEING TOLD TO STAND DOWN, A TOTAL DISGRACE. THE NRA warned the gay community before the mass killing happened. We will be teaching active shooter course very soon, and a ton of survival courses if you are in a mall, Church, or Temple. I was so shocked on Sunday to see everyone drinking, laughing, and not one person even mentioning the mass killing. We all need to become one again this country. The family structure is almost gone, no morals, drugs out of the wood work, sexual perversion we are just another Roman empire about to crumble. Either we turn it around now or else be totally controlled by pure evil. Now call us to schedule your training, and learn some new things.

The condition of our Country

John F Kennedy desired man to walk on the moon. Barak Obama wants men to go in to the ladies bathroom. Anytime a government has to tell people where they can pee is near the end of a country. George Soros a convicted terrorist that is not even allowed to enter the Untied States is Hillary Clintons #1 investor. Hmmm? We need a huge change, and we are all done with the Bushes, Clintons’s and do not want a socialist president who has dementia. Donal Trump cannot be bribed, he has his own money, and will retake this countries values and put them back into place. He is not a bigot, what he said about mexicans coming into here is totally true, last June 490 women were raped by 100% illegal aliens. The Herion problem, and cocaine, meth is being brought n by illegal aliens. We need to set harsh boundaries, and inforce them. There are no more morals left, it’s anything goes the liberal pysco mentallity. We need change or there will not be an America left. We are hitting over 20 trillion in debt, if we hit 24 trillion we are finished. Please vote for Donald J. Trump. Obama put us inn the toilet, vote for Hillary and she will flush it !

9th Circuit opinion on rights of gun stores applies standard, rigorous Second Amendment doctrines – The Washington Post

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision Monday in Teixeira v. County of Alameda vindicates the Second Amendment rights of gun stores and provides a good model of the Second Amendment doctrines that have been developed by the federal Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Source: 9th Circuit opinion on rights of gun stores applies standard, rigorous Second Amendment doctrines – The Washington Post

Valentines Day Shoot

We had a record number of people learn to shoot Pistols for Valentines Day. Great time was had by everyone ! It’s so nice to see people having a great time, and even competing with each other. Shooting sports are such a great social tool to be able to meet new people, and enjoy one another’s company. They fired 9mm, 40, 45 caliber.

Thank you everyone for calling on us to make your special day !

Bay Area Firearms Training Group in Burlingame

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The 9th circut court has now granted us concealed firearms permits for self defense reasons. Call us now to register.

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